School News Feed

Chick-Fil-A will be offered on 17 Mondays. The cost per lunch is $7 and includes: Chick-Fil-A sandwich, Lays potato chips,cookies, and a bottle of water. Order forms will be emailed to parents prior to each lunch date, or can be picked up at the front office.
Served on Fridays only; lunch consists of Mr. Jims Pizza, dessert cake, and a bottle of water. Pizza can only be ordered for the entire order period - students may NOT begin ordering pizza midway through an order period.
Journey meets once per month. High school students will have the opportunity to discuss real issues that they are faced with every day; our hope is to encourage, equip and help our students that may be dealing with any real life issues.  Each evening begins with our Praise Band, followed by a great speaker and then discussion time in small groups.  Each evening ends with a time of fun and fellowship.